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This technique destroys cellulite and localized fat that are not removed by diet and exercise. It involves the application of very fine needles with a micro-current. The electrolipolysis significantly increases the activity and cell renewal, improves local circulation and encourages the production of certain hormones that are related to the elimination of toxins and waste elements. This treatment also tissues tone and nourish improving its elasticity and texture.

Nonsurgical, safe and effective for the treatment of cellulite medical solution. The VelaShape combines in a single machine, the three technologies: RF, infrared and vacumterapia done with a suction system. The combination of these energies increases the metabolism of stored fat, and promotes lymphatic drainage reduces cellulite. Applied through specially designed rollers for both mechanical massage skin to facilitate safe and efficient emission of thermal energy. Benefits: Reduces cellulite, models the body and improves skin sagging.

Also called "liposuction without surgery", is a leading alternative to surgery, a noninvasive method that does not require anesthesia or rest, no risk is painless and eliminates fat deposits without resorting to the scalpel.

Although it varies according to the patient, the results can be seen from the first session; and to complete a treatment is often suggested between 5 and 10 sessions of 30 minutes each. Complementing sessions of lymphatic massage (acupressure) is advised and follow a balanced nutrition low carb preference.

Is a medical and aesthetic treatment using air pressure to improve lymphatic drainage whose benefits are for the treatment of edema, correcting alterations in the circulatory system and the possibility of eliminating, reducing or preventing cellulite formation.

In the treatment of acupressure blankets or special boots that cover the legs, buttocks and abdomen are used, through which it is performed on these areas of the body positive pressure which alternates in ascending order, so it is also called sequential pressure therapy. Through these pressure waves lymphatic drainage thereby contributing to the removal of fluids, toxins generated fats and cellulite, edema and lymphoedema is generated; also stimulates the circulatory system to help the treatment of venous disorders such as varicose veins. Also, cellulite exercises are recommended.

Endermologie - Lipomassage
Nonsurgical treatment that uses a team working massaging and sucking the skin simultaneously. Aspirates massages the increased blood supply and tissue oxygenation as well as correcting adipose different degrees of cellulite, improve the tone quality of the skin and compacting and shaping the figure.

With Lipomassage it comes to fighting fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise. It is stimulated through various maneuvers lipolysis (fat removal) in just a few sessions.

Endermatic System
The Endermatic System is a system of vibrating Endermotherapy for localized cellulite treatment, skin toning and lymphatic drainage. This system focuses on the areas of the thighs and buttocks where cellulite mostly arises.

With this treatment through different types of checking it comes to tone certain areas of the body such as: buttocks, arms, calves, or abdomen.

Antara / Electroporation
This treatment better known as the "needle mesotherapy" allows the absorption of active ingredients through the skin without pain or trauma. Lets get lasting results, since the therapeutic action of the substance absorbed locally continues over time. The Antara is used to: cellulite, localized adiposity, toning, stretch marks and facial antiaging.

Body Massage Postoperatiorio
Manual lymph drainage is an excellent post-operative treatment for either the body or face. Through manipulations or soft and painless massage decreases edema or bruising and swelling after surgery, producing a soothing effect on the tissues. It also allows better and faster postoperative recovery process.

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Truths or lies of anti-cellulite treatments

Read this article based on the experience of several specialist professionals in the field with real scientific vision.

In this section we will discuss what lies behind the world of aesthetics nonclinical, promises and more promises results almost '' wonderful that come from different commercial enterprises and many centers dam argument made by many manufacturers and importers of apparatus of dubious quality and especially dubious origin.

The experience in our daily lives and for many years of practice in the profession where we could try, work, compare and assess the need to analyze a market that has long without any quality control, case studies of outcome knowledge and especially where the limit of what can be achieved and what can not be achieved in body treatments.

If we focus on gathering information from a while ago, we've all heard of the virtues of different aesthetic devices where to get into better shape, eliminate cellulite, body firming, effortlessly and just a few sessions.

Misinformation and lack of the expected outcome creates us desolation and despair

We have heard hundreds of times in our consultations promises have commented many clients who come to us and desolate other centers where treatments are performed or have bought a gadget they have seen on TV that promises removes tummy, cellulite thighs, fluid retention, etc.

There are many beauty salons, beauty franchises that we argue this or that result with ultramodern, innovative appliances, etc that after all is the same thing as always but with another name.

Luckily there are also good and good professionals who know exactly what their role and even where you can get certain results.

We will briefly detail the appliance or treatments on the market that can be found in many spas and countless franchises where most of the staff has a bad training not practically nil in the body's physiology and reaction mechanisms physiological and biochemical.


To start commenting mentalicemos we need to understand that the body is all but in turn is unique. Therefore, the purpose of any body treatment is very personal to the circumstances of each patient (patient when we talk about the person treatment at a health center in which health personnel are performed and registered as such).

Currently all seek the fastest easiest way to achieve the expected results, but what we do not like to hear is the word personal effort, so we just like to listen hopes and promises fast.

We sell treatments like plain sailing regardless of many personal, familial or aspects that are influencing us to keep that problem.

It happens exactly as you want to lose weight and again and again return to the same mistake, especially for not asking the appropriate information. (You can view the article in the section) SLIM, WHY NOT ME WORK DIETS

The formulas that use flat rates franchises that make us believe that this or that device got almost as much and at low cost is really reportable.

The point is that we offer a low price, promising what almost achieved without going through surgery; Liposuction without surgery, the solution to your cellulite, firm your body eliminate your fat, water retention, etc, etc. Eventually the low cost results in a lower score or nothing accomplished.

Treatment of cellulite or fat is a serious issue and be treated with rigor and seriousness, always saying can be achieved with different treatments and what each one of them. Not usually have limitations and then come the surprises.

It is not my intention to create any conflict, nor put everyone in the same boat, it is guided and reconsider both those seeking solutions as thousands of beauticians who comment on different social networks the general discontent expectations placed to buy a machine of very high prices and the results they see in their clientele.

Aesthetics, a world for magicians

Many companies promise virtues and many economic benefits to centers working with fashion appliances, then the problem of the day is for the professional who has been driven by Bosh commercial leaving far the expectations that were promised.

Likewise, the customer finds unsatisfactory results.

In science when you want to prove something you have to submit studies and case series of results that say get with this or that product, how it works and scientific rigor world.

Most companies do not have that outcome studies, those that have are internal studies that are not collated in official or qualified to assert that data means external staff.

An obvious number treated is needed and for a shorter or longer period of study.

A clinical study is based on evidence, to argue the results of a product or technique the minimal scientific evidence is needed.


Protocol / Project. Or document that describes the objectives, design, methodology, statistical considerations and organization of a study. Generally, it also provides the background and rationale for the study, but these could be provided in other documents referenced in the project. This term includes any amendments thereto.

Study participant / subject Participant. Individual who participates in a clinical trial as either a recipient of the product (s) in research or as a control subject.

What are the phases of a clinical trial?

Once a promising treatment researchers have explored the clinical trials performed.

Clinical trials must go through several phases:

Phase I trials determine the safety of a new treatment
Phase II trials determine whether a certain type of alteration responds
  a new treatment

Phase III trials are studying whether a new treatment is better than
  the standard treatment

Phase IV trials to learn about a new
  treatment whose use has already been approved for patients.

Considering all these points we can see how easily we are talking about the wonders and virtues of many devices or treatments have hardly had a fair trials

Brought into contact with professionals in various centers and clinics most people who attended came with a series of questions and doubts.

The formation of cellulite

Most people think that cellulite is an accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body. This statement is incorrect and often creates confusion in many patients and even some professionals engaged in '' solucionar'' cheerfully problem.

Cellulite can cause pain but in most cases it is not, why is appearing sneak in a first phase until we find a more or less generalized inflammation of the area that can create discomfort.

May often cellulite combines with localized fat or adipose tissue adiposity forming a (like clusters of grapes) but no direct relationship between them, their origins are different.

Scheme normalized without stagnation.

We know that cellulite is a multi-source such as a circulatory disorder which is involved the mechanism of venous return and lymphatic drainage why is widespread in women of the same family. Lymph helps remove waste from waste venules have leaflet valves to prevent venous return but sometimes fail for many reasons, all this physiological disturbance causes jam on the road causing localized congestion and later generalized.

As we have seen so far has nothing to do fat in this process but sometimes can participate in the process but for different reasons. If we imagine a water hose where we see that the jet is abundant and we residues within the hose is try to expand more and possibly cause small bursts in length, the water is coming out of these holes is puddled soil as it does cellulite .

If in addition we compress the hose with chunks of hard fat we accumulate excess adiposity we will also have a next to cellulite, but again they are different origins but can live among them.

Easily solve this situation is not as easy as we painted many, physiology and biochemistry of the body are extremely difficult to give an almost magical solution as is sometimes claimed.

The phases of cellulite are many and their types, the first phase appears almost unnoticed at an edema that can be easily felt but in a second step hardens by the proliferation of other cells that produce collagen fibroblasts. Stimulation of fibroblasts is precisely determined by the initial appearance of edema.

Fibroblasts are large, flat cells with branching processes. It is found in all connective tissues and usually are the most numerous. Fibroblasts migrate through connective tissue and secrete fibers.

We can imagine that in this second phase of cellulite have one hand edema and other fibroblast proliferation that cure cellulite or what we might call ORANGE PEEL and so would continue until the fibrous cellulite that sometimes causes a lot of pain with any rubbing.

Scheme with lymph blockage and the appearance of cellulite and pads of fat (adipose)

What is adipose tissue?

Fat cells is semi-liquid and consists essentially of triglycerides. There will probably in the subcutaneous tissue, the deeper layer of skin.

Your cells, lipocytes, specialize in forming and storing fat. This layer is called, adipose tissue and is an insulator against cold and heat.

It acts as a cushion and as a store of accumulated reserves where nutrients.

What solutions can give?

The root of the problem is to regulate their origin or etilogía not only have to deal with the problem locally like us to think that we must also solve the problem at its roots and what is causing it. Treatment would undergo a systemic and comprehensive performance in many cases.

What treatments are we proposing to these problems?




Appliances combined in one machine Sail or Endermologie






The absence of government regulation in the world of cosmetic causes in most cases an exaggeration in the results that can be determined with some appliances. The lack of scientific basis frees way many commercial house that does not exceed the slightest analysis of its usefulness.

Cavitation has been from the outset presented as the alternative to liposuction, fat and other expressions outside. Cavitation actually conducts a physical effect of ultrasound but in this case low frequency and to cause the effect can not be performed Lipocavitation technique which we call '' In order to break seco'' adipocyte membrane and then the release of triglycerides into the bloodstream infiltration deep mesotherapy technique previously in the treatment area is necessary.

For this there are other perhaps much faster and in economic terms and possibly more interesting results alternatives.

Anyway remains to be clarified whether the release of fat is through the urine as we are told, because it is not a physiologically normal route, rather it is redistributed in other areas of the body.

All this information is not explained in the various aesthetic centers unqualified personnel and much less in those franchises flat rate that promise they do not understand, because what if confirmed is the lack of knowledge that exists in these people who are not health nor regulated centers for such activity.

The staff of these centers use the same protocols that dictate trading houses without having the slightest knowledge of how our body chemistry works well proliferating like mushrooms and disappear as they begin to appear until another fashion. We see how even these devices proliferate at low cost from the Asian market, which is also called cavitation as you would call any other name because they are appliances have many little less close to a coffee in their construction.

Therefore, we first have to make the correct protocol and with all the tools suggested for a Lipocavitation, cavitation dry which is usually performed in fashion aesthetic pseudocentros only lead to surprises and disappointments to customers.


What explains the technique:

The vacumterapia suction is a technique that is performed by a compressor sucks the skin and acts on it and tissues that are below. Its main function is to perform a massage that pushes the tissue from inside to outside.

This therapy promotes skin elasticity improving the torque produces a skin exfoliating effect, easing the fat follicles and pores. If applied at the vascular level, this treatment helps to improve circulation and drainage of toxins from our body.

It also has anti-aging effects due to the mobilization of tissues, in turn enhancing advanced problems of stretch marks and varicose veins.


Pretender say that enhances advanced cases of stretch marks and varicose veins is sumun addition to anti-aging. Decorating a subcutaneous therapy with all these frills is exaggerated. Varicose veins and scars are much more complex to treat it with external mixing technique, we can not accept this purpose for the above cases. On the other hand the treatment of varicose veins with a subdermal therapy and mechanically strong is counterproductive.

This therapy is indicated primarily for anti-cellulite treatments and unlocking tissues and breaks fibrosis. Thus, mobilizes fat and facilitate the ejection thereof.


The mobilization of fat is a term little or no scientific and has nothing to do with fat (must differentiate cellulite and adipose tissue, two totally different expressions but here are mixed).

You can not move fat from your site with an external suction technique through the skin.

Actually what occurs is a fatty crushing block can barely move a few cells in the area but that does not mean the fat itself can move your site and then expel.

The fat is contained in structured cells within very resistant membranes if it were so easy to break this membrane also provoking strong pressure would get our hands or having a roll baker, that easy.

It is also used for people who have localized obesity and can not undergo surgery. For people who are reluctant to surgery, it is a perfect alternative since it is noninvasive and does not produce any scar.


We can not compare or say that is an alternative to treatments that require surgery because the result has nothing to do, compare this alternative to the argument that it does not need to undergo surgery and get the same results is a way of confusing people.

This treatment is completely painless and the results are almost immediately if a diet and exercise plan is followed.


Here we find the small print (exercise and diet ......) of this form is camouflaged ineffective by itself to eliminate cellulite.

Often applied about 2 sessions per week and treatment usually consists of 12 sessions, although this depends each case.

Virtual Mesotherapy

What do they say?

The conventional mesotherapy is characterized by the use of needles to inject concentrated assets from the more superficial layers to the deeper dermis. It's the kind of treatment most often used in beauty salons, and produces `` very good resultados.''

But there is another type of mesotherapy: virtual mesotherapy. This is applied by electromagnetic waves that perform the electroporation process, which is the transmission through the active layers of the dermis to reach the deepest.

In this type of mesotherapy different methods also exist:

Sonophoresis. Enter substances in the body by ultrasonic energy.
Electrophoresis. Electric charge moves molecules.
Iontophoresis. Ions and ionized molecules by galvanic current.
Hydroelectrophoresis. Through pulsed currents.
Cryoelectrophoresis. Pulsed electric current.
In virtual mesotherapy, the amount of active is ultra low, so that there are no excess. Lets also apply at the nearest to the area to be treated dermal layer, and the correct depth (can be anywhere on the body except the breasts). But his greatest advantage is that no side effects.


As you can see we have put in quotes the statement -very good results- at the beginning of this article.
Three consulted and 3-5 years of experience with virtual mesotherapy centers, the statement is clear and convincing.
We can not compare the results with the classical mesotherapy even close, it is a simple application of 2.5 ml cellulite cream will take about 30 minutes to apply it, lots of it evaporates and is lost during treatment. Mesotherapy classical application usually 10-15 ml and introduced 100x100.
The virtual mesotherapy does not reach beyond the dermis without being able to delve into the deeper layers minimally precisely where the problem lies.
We applied anesthetics subdermal needle (observe increased redness of the skin, edema and localized anesthesia). With virtual mesotherapy hardly appears no trace of the comments, we verified this fact enough.
Here is one comment that can be read in one of the most popular forums on issues of aesthetics, it is clear manipulation of results.

We have removed advertising center that says it all.

I apply virtual mesotherapy and the results are surprising, it helps to diminish sizes, reduce fat, body shaping, eliminate cellulite and orange peel, as is vasoconstrictor also reduce varicose veins, as well as muscle exerciser you up buttocks and breasts, also helps to increase or decrease them, this treatment is not only for the body but also get amazing result set in the face, diminish or disappear wrinkles, expression lines, lift facial muscles, removes fluids, lift jowls and removed, raises eyebrows, in short, is a marvel ...................

Dear patients, is to stay surprised these claims, if true this would be better to close all clinics in this country ...... you can judge.
Not even if terrified of needles would be a smart choice, there are other more appropriate for this techniques without being more or less deceived by this technique.

Combined appliances Sail

The operation of this device: makes 4 different treatments: massage roller, massage suction (vacuum therapy), infrared and radio frequency.

What do they say?

Therapies including a Vela is infrared light, this system is used for many years to treat various diseases by the heat produced.

The clearing operation, by infrared light causes an increase in white blood cells and thus more immune to external attacks is achieved and therefore a better quality of life.

Obviously, this also favors the quality of our skin and thanks to the heat produced better assimilation of fat cells is produced by our body, helping to expel naturally.

I guess you wonder what's different about the heat produced by the light source other, well, this is due to the vibrational energy of infrared light, which penetrates more easily in cells without damaging the skin externally.

As you will have noticed Vela is a treatment that combines 4 different therapies aimed solely at eliminating cellulite and reduce volume.

Massage Roller:


These are rollers that glide over the skin, actually its function is to move the handpiece over the skin without lifting it from this. No action itself cellulite

Suction massage - Vacumterapia- (Read vacumterapia section above)


What do they say?

Facial RF is a technique that improves the appearance of the face without resorting to surgery. It is a very safe and effective way to tighten skin naturally as we help regenerate collagen, no side effects, no injections and no cuts.

Once the discharge energy is fired, natural skin collagen shrinks patient immediately. Over time, is restyled is achieved and production of new collagen is stimulated. Treatment consists of very few sessions (three in general), applied once a month and the positive results begin to be observed from the first application.


Radiofrequency here we are exposed to facial and body treatment not for. For best results with radiofrequency facial or body level need a radiofrequency device powerful exclusively for a surgeon authorized by the brand.

It is only necessary in this case a single session but the cost both the machine and the session the patient make it really prohibitive for most people. In our experience we have worked several years with a radiofrequency device TERMAGE US INC Hayward

Do not confuse the radiofrequency Termage INC with other RF devices, the regenerating power is vastly superior to other types of radio frequency to achieve results in a single session.

The technique is based on heat production shrink proteins. This appliance has a handpiece which has a tip at its TIP and emits heat wave the depth of the dermis where fibroblasts are (in the depth difference lies with radiofrequency popularly known).

Currently there is a treatment applied by syringe able to get the same results and lasts about 6 months to a smoother application.

It can be combined with other facial rejuvenation techniques like non-surgical thread lift or fillers to enhance the overall look.


Obviously treatment with fillers and others are better alternative and quick results, radiofrequency always helps with other techniques well applied to improve results but we can not say we believe it is a solution itself cellulite or fat removal localized commented by some manufacturers.


This article is reviewed with rigor and seriousness

Positive pressure apparatuses act by a compressor, introducing air at a fixed pressure or alternately, into special applicators (arms and legs) essentially circulatory purposes stimulus.

Acupressure devices consist of a body, which contains the compressor, valves for application to the various segments of the applicator, and controls continuous or alternating pressure and in this case, rhythm programming heaven pressure-relief .

The applicators are fundamentally leg, although there are for arms and abdomen. Consist of a plastic wrap, where the member is fully inserted. They can be of ionic filling (in the simplest and not flashing models), or isolated horizontal sectors, each of which has a separate connection to the compressor.

For application, the patient is first placed an undergarment (leotard, T). Leg or arm in the applicator is then introduced. Immediately proceed to establish the pressure.

If treatment is with fixed pressure is made to gradually climb to the desired, but never exceed 60 mbar. This pressure was maintained until the end of the session (maximum 20 minutes), at which time it slowly proceed to decompression.

In alternating pressure treatments, alicador placement is identical to the previous one. Programming, including pressure applied by segment, and the pace of heaven, which must always be upward pressure is then performed, ie in the direction of the venous circulation, which is what we usually try to stimulate.

The main treatment effect is positive pressure stimulation of the circulation of return; hence its main indications:

Stimulate circulation and lymphatic venous return
Venous, lymphedema edema
Cellulite, for its stimulating action on the venous and lymphatic circulation; helps mobilize nodules
Improves the trophism of the skin, promotes recovery of skin elasticity
For indirect effect stimulates the general circulation of the body and helps recovery from fatigue and relaxation
By its action on the circulation, its use is useful after cosmetic surgery operations for the restoration of normalcy in the area.

The main contraindications in applying positive pressure refer to:

Local problems: ulcers, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and recent flebotrombosis, skin infections and linfagitis
Cardiocirculatory decompensation problems, severe hypertension, myocardial infarction.


The acupressure would be a complementary treatment of various techniques to improve circulation and cellulite. By itself has limitations but it helps and improves some cellulite and improves circulatory discomfort, can not claim to eliminate cellulite. It is not a treatment to remove adipose tissue.

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Cosmetic and aesthetic medicine - In Depth - Cellulite treatment

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Aesthetic Medicine is certainly treating cellulite condition suffer in varying degrees most women. Therefore, technologies and treatments available in the market are varied. Still, keep in mind that their effectiveness is limited both in duration and results. Although there have been studies showing signs of improvement in the treated areas, there is still not a completely reliable or durable technique.

The main difficulty of cellulite removal is the inherent complexity of the texture of the skin and fat. Treat cellulite is very complicated because its main cause is the skin architecture of the woman herself.

According to an article in the Spanish issue of Cosmetic Surgery Times, although different studies show signs of improvement in the treated areas (changes in tissues and adiposity), patients and many experts agree that no spectacular results are achieved or not durable.

In this article, Dr. Alexiades-Armenakasm Macrene, Faculty of Medicine, Yale University (USA), says that, even with its limitations, "the technologies that have shown better results are the Accent radiofrequency systems and Thermage; VelaSmooth (Syneron), a combination of radiofrequency and infrared light, and Primaeva, a device with bipolar radiofrequency microneedles stations ".

In this article, Dr. Avram, director of the Center for Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Massachusetts General Hospital (USA), noted that "it is necessary to maintain an honest approach and inform patients that cellulite is a normal condition in Women and current treatments are not significantly beneficial in the long term. "

If you are thinking of having one of these treatments, consult a specialist which are currently available and what can be achieved with each of them (objectives, duration of results, etc.). Yes, even considering that the results will be limited and temporary, thinks it's worth: below.

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Cellulite Treatments in Miami

Ways to get rid of cellulite in Miami, may be the procedure currently fashionable, and luckily for many patients Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Clinic not only offers these treatments, but has the convenience of being located in three convenient locations for each patient particular; Miami, Broward and Hialeah.

Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency are new and revolutionary treatments for a lean body through increased collagen, fat liquefaction and compression of the skin. Lipo Cavitation or Ultra - Cavitation can be frightening innovative procedure in the world that can bring people to a fresh level proposing slimming results and the ability to look younger ages in a few weeks. This latest revolution designed to give great results without surgery has been very successful.

Radio frequency is known as a cosmetic treatment used to correct tension on the skin of the face, eyes, abdomen, and possibly arms and legs without an incision or recovery time. Frequency Radio is known as an energy source whose purpose is to heat the dermis, the heat generated causes a stretch in the deeper layers of the skin while stimulates new collagen formation, which occurs during certain time. Cavitation melts fat cells and provides instant slimming results.

We use cavitation can also be known as ultrasonic cavitation, Ultra Cavitation Lipo-Cavitation and RF therapy.

Men also benefit from ultrasonic cavitation or treatments for cellulite in Miami. The sessions include men in the treatment of Sinus Surgery men and clients who were contemplating a technique for removing fat from the breast of man also known as gynecomastia.

Many patients subsequently to obtain an ultrasonic cavitation were very pleased with the results, since there was no need to perform other practices for gynecomastia. Ultrasonic cavitation can be the ideal for women who wish to improve body shape procedure. Most customers see an immediate alteration after the first session, with optimal results after two to five treatment sessions. While this may be known as a non-surgical way to shape the body, this can not be a substitute for a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Ultrasonic Cavitation will help you get the desired body.

How does the Technique for Ultrasonic Cavitation Cellulite Treatments in Miami?

Ultrasonic cavitation is known as a non-surgical method without anesthesia liposuction, this being very popular in Florida in treatments for cellulite in Miami and has spread rapidly growing worldwide. Ultrasonic cavitation removes stubborn fat cells by consuming sound waves.

What exactly Ultrasound?

A megahertz; where Hertz and 1,000,000 may be rated to forty-five KHz MHz may be used in a method of ultrasound. This type full wave can abolish private cells to cause damage to other tissues or body structures fat.

Patients will see results after the first hours of completion of ultrasonic cavitation and RF therapy. Powers rehabilitation ultrasonic wave of potent tissue fat cells sound.

The yields of the membrane of fat cells to compression, then should focus on liquid and may be dismissed through normal metabolic body shape. Ultrasonic cavitation destroys fat cells at a rate as fast and in an amount such that the fat storage can be significantly reduced or eliminated. Customers see the results and seem pleased with the rise in the cellular uptake of fat from your body.

Different types of Approaches and Procedures

Cavitation ultrasound and / or ultrasonic cavitation, because sometimes it can be suggested, may be the perfect match in treatments for cellulite in Miami. They are used to thaw cells quickly eliminate fat and body fat resulting in a like liposuction or liposculpture, but without pain or surgery.

Technological advances in medicine have created the possibility of using a dosage of low frequency ultrasound to decrease the fat content. Cavitation or cavitation - From here the name of treatment and ultra arises. The influence of low frequency ultrasound may be useful to contend numerous effects of excess fat.

Cavitation is the handling of food products or fatty acid lipolysis in adipocytes, due to a phenomenon known as stable cavitation, as well as improved penetration of the fat cell. In addition, some content of adipocytes can be absorbed by the liver and expelled through urine so always be recommended to drink plenty of water, make sure that both the day of the procedure and in the following days too .

These procedures can be achieved in small, localized body parts, but, although that may seem superficial, but can not be deprived of the risks. Ultrasonic cavitation can be well thought out as an alternative to liposuction surgical treatment, which can be more or less hostile because you can do with and / or without laser, and the more or less widespread areas. Ultra Cavitation can actually evade the operating room and avoid medication such as anesthesia and the procedure should be painless and can be done in a clinic patient basis.

Radio Frequency procedure in Miami

Throughout the entire process of Radio Frequency feels a sensation of heat of short duration with little or no hazard. Radio frequency can be achieved as a tender procedure contribution alone attitude compression ends skin without surgery and can also be used after his favorite Clinic Proceedings. Contingent on the size of the treated area, the radio frequency technique alone can take anywhere from thirty minutes to a facial procedure and seventy minutes for handling body. You can return to normal activities immediately, since usually there may be no downtime for the patient. Redness insignificant to be seen in some patients, but often abruptly disappears after treatment. Heat-related difficulties may transpire, but may be unusual. It may not be distinctive care after the treatment. However, as part of routine care moral skin, sunscreen can be suggested. The results of facial manipulations can take several months. Treatments can be performed once a week for six weeks and then monthly to maintain desired with a stronger, smoother skin results.

How safe would be a procedure like this?

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery never offer an unsafe procedure for the patient. The best possible service is offered and ensure safety at the same time. Ultrasound Lipo-Cavitation, requires no anesthetic and painless. Ultrasonic cavitation can be an extremely safe procedure because it is a non-surgical, non-invasive. However, many individuals experience a reddening of the skin that is removed within a few hours of the procedure.

What are the Side Effects of Lipo-Cavitation and Radio Frequency?

Treatment normally be regarded by most people as a procedure without pain or discomfort post-treatment. A mild stinging or warmth is felt throughout treatment. There may be very few known side effects to date, while marking the skin, could be considered rare and if it happens it will be very slight, insignificant redness and swelling can be seen by a very small amount of time after treatment.

Benefits of Lipo-Cavitation and Radio Frequency

You can eliminate fat cells permanently in:

Abdomen (stomach).
Buttocks region.
In the arms
In male breasts
You can improve:

The texture of the skin where treated.
Body remodeling.
The movement of lymph and blood.
Rehabilitation of cellulite.
Connective tissue compression.
It does not involve surgery, pain and scars.
No need anesthesia.
Efficiency amplified with the combination of lymphatic drainage and method of waves

How long does the process and what the results are?

The results of treatment of cavitation are immediate and lasting after the first treatment, clients numerous familiar decreased cm in circumference and other results after the trip and more. Age, absorption, changes in the hormones, drugs, tissue structure and handling area will influence the results. To continue with the results that may be important in the shadow of a diet and exercise regularly. Usually the results can be seen with the first session, but progress further in the course of six treatments. Desired outcomes involve at least six to twelve treatment sessions, depending on the size of the area treated and the patient. The results can be noticed after the first treatment with substantial improvements in a few days. Each treatment exceeds the above treatment. Fat cells treated with Lipo Cavitation ultrasound does not reappear, so it can be an enduring treatment. However, the number of sessions required to the desired body shape varies depending on the patient. It is recommended to feed moderation since the procedure can remove or hide the weight gain.

How I can know if I am an eligible candidate for treatment Lipo-Cavitation and Radio Frequency?

Clinical Vanity Cosmetic Surgery can be an ideal for people who are unhappy with a particular area that is covered in grease option, but do not want to undergo a surgical procedure such as liposuction. Ideal for treatment of Lipo-Cavitation and Radio Frequency candidate can be anyone with excess fat in a specific area, such as the stomach, hips, thighs, feet, buttocks, sides of the body or arms . The procedure results in essentially no total weight loss, but the results are best. It is possible that a careful diet and good weight loss plan, you could get more significant results. Best results can be obtained in patients having twenty five to thirty pounds. Ultrasound Lipo-Cavitation can be ideal for people who have tried to remove accumulations of fat with diet and exercise and have not achieved the desired goal.

How I can know if I am an ideal candidate for Treatment Lipo-Cavitation and Radio Frequency?

It can be very important to lower the calories and make an adjustment in food, drink eight glasses of water a day, before and after the procedure, water is the key component to abolish fat.

Recommendations to consider before a session Cavitation

Over three days before the session can not consume alcoholic beverages.
Throughout the three days before the meeting is not convenient to eat foods with too much fat, anything fried or spicy food, to keep safe the kidney and liver.
During the three days before the session may be necessary to drink a liter of water per day.
It is important to drink about two to three hours before the procedure a liter of H2O.
What happens after the procedure?

After treatment is necessary to ensure avoid any type of alcoholic beverage, this will help patient safety. Keeping the body hydrated with plenty of water, eight glasses a day should suffice. In addition to maintaining a low calorie eating a well balanced diet to ensure maximum results.

How exactly Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment to eliminate body fat?

The trembling of sound waves produces a strong compression in fat cell membranes, resulting in that the membrane of fat cells is eliminated, becomes liquid. After alteration of the fat cells in the body is destroyed fat in triglyceride form and can be released through the interstitial fluid between cells, which can be absorbed by the free fatty acids. Glycerol soluble in water can be absorbed by the cardiovascular system and is used as a source of life, however insoluble free fatty acids can be transferred and handled as liver fatty acids. To schedule a free consultation, be sure to call Vanity in Miami, Broward or even Hialeah. The consultation can make all the right questions and can relieve stress.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Reduce Cellulite On Buttocks With High-Tech Lighting

reduce cellulite on buttocks
Are you tired of the fact that you can not flaunt a bikini and enjoy sunbathing beside the sea? If stretch marks are really troubling, treatment cellulite buttocks with high-tech light is a good method to consider.

Why use high-tech lighting?

If you want to be confident, you have to be confident and if you are extremely overweight, it will be difficult for you to handle. Buttocks cellulite treatment with high technology light is a method that allows you to get rid of those saggy bags and you will not be called a "fat ass" for you once you undergo this therapy. Weight the masses or the uneven distribution of the fat from the skin will be visible from a distance so you have to do something to get things back to normal.

Women need this anti cellulite treatment more than men

According to some authentic research, women are more prone to developing cellulite butt compared to men. The high-tech ultrasound technique, radio waves and even laser treatments are methods that are used for the treatment of cellulite buttocks.

How does it work?

The radio frequency is also used as a non-surgical cellulite treatment to eliminate cellulite on the buttocks. With post-operative garments, some requirements preoperative radio frequencies help reduce fat on the buttocks built. Treating cellulite reduction buttocks is a technique that involves heating the fat cells with a concentrated light causing the cell membrane to break. The process is conducted at a temperature of 5 degrees. The procedure results in skin metabolism, which supports blood cells. This is an action in which the lymphatic fats are removed and the stimulation of collagen formation is carried out at very high levels. It really reduces cellulite if it is not a complete reduction. The buttocks reduction treatment makes your skin smoother and improves the silhouette of your body in the thigh and buttocks.

Another treatment is a non-surgical option laser. This procedure removes cellulite successfully and helps restore the shape of the desired body. The laser energy is concentrated on the areas accumulated fat under the skin. This improved laser procedure causes the tightening of the skin, but does not erase all the cellulite reduction buttocks. Cells cellulite end absorb laser energy until the cell membranes are broken. The laser works to remove built-up grease and fat that cause fibrous cellulite dimples. Even the stubborn fat cells buttocks effectively respond to this treatment of light energy.

Ultrasound Technique

The reduction of cellulite buttocks ultrasound is an essential and non-invasive tool. It has been used for the diagnosis of the fetus in the uterus. Later, it became a tool to break up kidney stones without surgery. After the great success of ultrasonic technology, people are inclined to cure their cellulite buttocks by ultrasound. It is very effective and innovative technology. Despite being sophisticated technology, the concept for the treatment is very simple. The light energy is concentrated in the areas under the skin that burn fat cells accompanying the mechanical massage that helps the lymphatic drainage of action and released fat.